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The History of Honey

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Honey and beeswax is still a mainstay in many cosmetic formulations today. The Body Shop has an entire honey and Bee Good has dedicated its entire range to this incredible ingredient. Sadly, both companies products are still filled with synthetic crap that kind of defeats the purpose of this incredible natural ingredient.

The use of honey and beeswax has continued uninterrupted since ancient times. It was used for everything from daily life through to medicine (it is a natural antibiotic) and in some ancient cultures, even in the preparation for death.

Cave paintings in Spain, dating back to  7000BC show the earliest records of beekeeping, but fossils of honey bees date back around 150 million years.

The bee was a regular feature in Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs. It was symbolic of royalty as it was favoured by pharos; the Kardashians of the ancient world. That’s how to endorse a product, right?

Honey was quite literally offered to the gods. The ancient Egyptians and the Greeks believed the offering of honey cakes would placate angered deities. While I don’t know how well that worked out for them, honey definitely does help angry skin. This is, after all, a beauty platform.

Once Christianity became the dominant religion of ancient Rome, honey and beeswax production soared to meet the demand for church candles. Everyone was a beekeeper, don’t cha know.

 Image:  Karunakar Rayker
Image: Karunakar Rayker

Honey continued to feature big time throughout the ancient world for centuries, until the Renaissance.  By the 17th century, the need for honey dwindled as there was a new sweetener in town. Sugar had been discovered and was now trending. 

I know many vegan beauty lovers out there opt out of products that use beeswax and honey, which, I respect – provided you have made that decision for the right reasons, and not simply because you are the vegan bandwagon. Do bear in mind that if something is certified vegan, it does not mean it is untainted. Many vegan brands and products contain numerous synthetic chemicals (that some even argue do more harm to the bees and other animals!). 

It’s a hugely important ingredient, and when sourced ethically and using sustainable practices, is one of the only carbon positive ingredients out there. How, you ask? Well, because by nurturing bee colonies, they are able to pollinate the plants us humans, and other beasts, require for survival!


Below are just a few of the products made using Honey as a key or main ingredient. While,  I have not personally tried any of the specified products below (hence they are not being reviewed here), I have chosen to showcase these untainted brands because I have used other products from all of the below listed brands and know that they made wonderful products worth trying out. 

Head on over to our reviews page for the low-down on some of my personal & professional favourites – responsibly sourced and untainted.


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