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Mist : The Art of Hydration

Richard Pengelley
Art Direction
Khandiz Joni

issue two : from the water’s depth

Why is summer mist romantic and autumn mist just sad?

Dodie Smith, I Capture the Castle

Skin needs different kinds of hydration. It can change from season to season, skin type to skin type, stress levels and numerous other environmental factors. While, autumn and winter call for heavier, more nourishing creams to counter-act the cold dehydration, summer calls for a lighter touch.

As summer is pretty much here (well in the northern hemisphere anyway), I’ve decided to share with you some of my favourite hydration sprays. We shot this little story in our home studio (a.k.a the bathroom) using only available light and mirrors. Sea-inspired backdrops, reminiscent of ocean mists, were created using repurposed packaging materials. (And, yes, in case you don’t know me well enough yet, I like a little environmental nudge, so this does serve as a reminded that most of our plastic packaging does land up in the ocean.)

Whether you’re on a three-step skincare programme (cleanse, tone and moisturise) or if, like me, you’re a bit slap-dash and a wash-moisturise-and-go are your order of the day – these refreshing skin sprays have a place on all our bathroom shelves, handbags (or kit bags!).

Hydrating Floral Essence Moister Boosting Toner by Tata Harper

This face water is the epitome of luxury skincare. Not only is the bottle a refreshing work of art worth of adorning your bathroom shelf, the story behind the brands is just as captivating. Not only do they own their manufacturing, research and production facilities, they grow as many of their ingredients on the 1200 acre farm in Vermont, ensuring that full accountability for the untainted products they have on offer.

Absolution La Brume Systémique

All this bi-phased (made of two parts; oil and water) moisture mist needs is a quick shake up to wake up tired, dehydrated skin. Rich in antioxidants, it’s ideal for on the go application and when used at home in the privacy of your morning beauty routine, it optimises the benefits of your favourite moisturiser or serum.

AS Apothecary Geranium Cleansing Water #13

This little gem of a face water is the perfect potion for combination/oily skin that is prone to breakouts. Distilled Geranium Water helps balance the skin while Witchhazel helps to regulate the skin, keeping the bacteria on the face in check with its natural anti-inflammatory and disinfecting properties.  A.S APOTHECARY has a farm to face approach to skincare, and all their magic lotions and potions are made in here in the UK, in a small distillery in the South Downs National Park in East Sussex. 


Mineral-rich volcanic water is the basis of this wonderful face mist. The carefully considered ingredients help to uplift the skin and mood so you feel as wonderful as your skin looks. I keep this little brown bottle close to me when I travel, spritzing make face regularly to make sure my skin is glowing when I arrive at my destination.

Björk & Berries Deep Forest Face Mist

An absolute must in my pro-makeup kit and handbag (ok, ok, that’s an overstretch… I don’t use a handbag…so either my jacket pocket of tote bag filled with other weird and wonderful items!) Filled with Birch Leaf Water and vitamin charged fruit waters, a liberally spritzing and your skin will thank you! While it does come in a plastic bottle, the fact that it is lightweight makes a huge difference for ease of transporting it with me wherever I go. I just reuse the bottle in my kit once the product is finished, as I am always in need of spray bottles.

Jane Iredale D2O Hydration Spray

Another absolute kit staple. This delicious product is tropical summer in a bottle. Ylang Ylang helps refresh the skin, reinvigorates and plumps the skin’s cells. Excellent sprayed over makeup to refresh a look if you’ve gotten a little heavy handed with your powder application, or to use to wet down cosmetic powers for a more intense colour payoff.

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