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The differences in similarity.

Amanda Fordyce
Beauty & Art Direction
Khandiz Joni
Mopesola @ Nii Agency
Akira @ The Hive Management
Estelle @ Named Models
Maria @ Elite
Luanda @ Nii Agency
Lauren @ Named Models
Jess @ Named Models
Photography Assistants
Ollie Trenchard and Joyti Rajput

issue three : fear thy neighbour

I have the privilege of working with women (and men) from all walks of life, from countless cultures and with a full spectrum of skin colours. What these encounters have taught me is that we cannot make assumptions about someone else’s story on skin colour alone, for every one of us, has our own unique tale and that starts with where we come from. 

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untainted |ˌənˈtān(t)əd| adjective
not contaminated, polluted, or tainted: the paper was untainted by age.

UNTAINTED is a directional beauty platform, pushing the boundaries of clean, sustainable beauty. We are inspired and motivated by the Japanese philosophy of Wabi-sabi.

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