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Abhati Chambal Sacred Hair Oil

Abathi Suisse
Chambal Sacred Hair Oil
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issue five : a feast for gluttony

As this issue was finessed on my last trip to India, this next product seems a great fit. Abahti Chambal Sacred Hair Oil – while, quite a mouthful of a name – is a delicious cocktail of essential oils in a base fruity carrier oils, namely (organic) Moringa and (wildcrafted) Himalayan Wild Cherry oils. Doesn’t that just make you feel like you’re having a healthy breakfast on a deck overlooking a tropical paradise? Hair oiling is an age-old tradition in India. The Ayurvedic principals of beauty have stood the test of time and it seems, are very much back in vogue.  As every balanced diet should include, this hair oil is full of antioxidants and replenishing vitamins. It has been clinically proven that this selection of herbs, spices and some fruit (oils) can help transforms dry, brittle, frizzy hair into sleek, shiny, nourished tresses.

You may assume that applying oil to your hair is counterproductive to achieve clean, shiny looking hair. Applying (any) oil to dry hair, and you would be very right in your assumption. However, hair oiling is actually more about regenerating a healthy scalp – which therefore encourages healthy hair – than it is about creating an oil slick down the hair shaft.

 Image: Richard Pengelley | Art Direction: Khandiz Joni
Image: Richard Pengelley | Art Direction: Khandiz Joni

You are meant to apply a ‘less-is-more approach’ with this product to your roots and tips before cleansing your hair. Think of it as part of a gluttonous ritual of self-love. Take a little extra time to massage the oil into your scalp, let it sit for a while (an opportune time to slap on your favourite face mask so you can feel like you’re maximising your “me” time), before washing the oil out of your hair with a suitable untainted hair cleanser.

If your hair is lacking in lustre from the demands of city living, run some (this isn’t the time to be greedy with product application either, despite how good it smells – a little goes a long way) of this delicious hair oil through damp hair before you blow-dry, and hey pesto! Jane’s your Aunty (see what I did there? Yeah, you did).

(And if you don’t believe me, perhaps the fact that his hair oil received the Editor’s Choice Award at the 2017 Beauty Shortlist Awards might persuade you.)

Note: While this product is suitable for all hair types and had stringent safety tests, it’s always advisable to patch test products if you have a known allergy or sensitivity to essential oils.

So, if (and only if) you are in need of an untainted solution to regenerate your scalp and hair health, this tutty-fruity oil is an excellent edition. 

Remember, this issue ‘A Feast For Gluttony’ is about buying less ‘stuff’ (only essential products allowed) and instead, becoming more gluttonous with your own time.


Use before swimming or sunbathing: the formula protects hair during colouring treatments and from ocean water, chlorine and sun. Chlorine green hair isn’t a look. It looks good on bearded folk too!


Caprylic / Capric Triglyceride * (coconut), Coco-Caprylate, Cocos Nucifera * (Coconut Oil) *, Moringa Oleifera Seed Oil *, Prinsepia Utilis Seed (Himalayan Wild Cherry) Oil ** Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract * (Marigold), Tocopherol ( vitamin E ), bisabolol * (chamomile), perfume (fragrance), limonene, linalool, citronellol, geraniol (geranium), citral.

* Organic
** Wildcrafted

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