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Rapunzel, Rapunzel…Let down your Hair

Six hacks for Rapunzel-worthy hair and our favourite untainted alternatives to achieve it.

issue seven : folklore & fairytales


While Rapunzel may famed for her extraordinarily long hair, it’s easy to forget that it is the thickness of her flowing, luscious locks that allowed her Prince Charming to scale the tower and take her into his arms so they could live happily ever after.

Here at UNTAINTED, we don’t believe in that old-fashioned storyline of needing a Prince Charming to live happily ever after, but we definitely believe that good hair days make a difference to our overall happiness.

From thin to full

We all want thick, luscious locks tumbling below our shoulders, yet for some women this can be quite hard to achieve, if not physically impossible. If you have fallen victim to thin or thinning hair you know how annoying it is when all you want is a bit of volume, but all your left with is limp, fine hair, even after styling. Alas, there are a few tips and tricks you can adopt to achieve a fuller hair look, without breaking the bank or taking up several hours in the morning. Here, the hair experts at gives their 6 hacks for fuller, healthier and happier hair.

1. Chop youR Locks 

One of the best ways to create the illusion of thicker, fuller hair is to chop a few inches off the ends. If your hair is quite long but thin, chances are it will make your hair appear even thinner and a little limp, by cutting a bit off the length it takes away that dead length that is weighing you down and most likely making your roots appear flat and volume less. When you go to visit the salon, ask the stylist to add a few layers into the cut, this will add even more volume and give a choppier style to your do, adding the illusion of thickness. 

Glasshouse Salon

Untainted’s salon of choice is Glasshouse Salon in East London.

2. Switch up your shampoo 

Product is a sure-fire way to add instant impact and volume to your tresses. Investing in shampoo and conditioner which is tailored to thin hair in a bid to adding thickness will be a good start in creating a thicker look, and with so many great products on the market, you will be able to find something to work for your hair. 

Shampoo is very personal, but we love Rahua Haircare’s Voluminous Shampoo.

3. Invest in Instant Volume Powder 

Instant volume powder is a miracle hair product which many women swear by, it instantly lifts and adds volume to your roots which will in turn help your hair appear fuller and volumized. Be sure to use sparingly as if too much is applied it can make your roots feel sticky, much like dry shampoo does, so a little goes a long way. After you’ve applied the power, why not try backcombing the hair under the roots to lift them even more. 

Our favourite untainted alternative is Lulu Organics jasmine hair powder

4. Change up your Parting 

A deep side parting could be all that you need to help make your thin mane look a little more voluminous. While middle partings are slightly subtler, a deep side parting can help add volume as well as being elegant and on-trend. If you’re a little nervous to go full-on side parting, why not just do a smaller one to start, then when you’re happy, sweep that hair fully to one side! 

5. Air-dry your hair 

Most people believe blow-drying your hair with the product is the only way to achieve a thick, flowing mane, but in fact, air-drying your hair can prove super handy when it comes to adding natural, bouncy volume. After you’ve jumped out the shower, scrunch some volumizing mousse into the hair, get outside and your good to go! No heat tools needed. 

We like Unique Haircare’s Volumizing Mousse

6. Consider hair extensions or hairpieces 

If you’re at the end of your tether with your hair and in need of a little extra help when it comes to adding thickness, why not opt for hair extensions or a hairpiece. Adding subtle extensions underneath your actual hair will allow you to enjoy thick hair all day long without too much hassle, just make sure you apply them correctly, no one wants those pesky clips on display! 

This piece was brought to you by the experts at (#untaintedalternatives recommended by Khandiz).

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