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Cape Point Ostrich Farm

& Reptile Rehabilitation Centre

During the making of our latest beauty editorial, “One and the Same” Chantelle Candice Brown really did her homework with regards to the environment in which the animals featured in this story are kept. They all live on the Cape Point Ostrich Farm, which is the new home of the snake and rehabilitation centre and will now be known as Cape Point Ostrich Farm and Rehabilitation Centre. If CPOF had not offered them a home, the sanctuary would have had to shut its doors. Chantelle went above and beyond most art directors and even interviewed the owner of the Ostrich Farm to ensure their practices were ethical before deciding to shoot there.

“Alistair and Catherine Bairnsfather-Cloete not only love and care for the ostriches but the ethos of the farm is that everyone is equal. Men, woman, farm workers, restaurant staff and owners. This was a refreshing experience and was certainly felt throughout the entire process.”

— Chantelle Candice Brown

This is what she asked them to answer the following three questions

  1. Would you consider the ostrich farm ethical & cruelty-free?
  2. How are the Ostrich’s looked after and cared for? Can you give us a brief description of their life on the farm?
  3. The ostriches are raised to sell but are you involved in any conservation or projects giving back?

And this is what they had to say…

We can proudly say that we are an environmentally friendly farm and that we place great importance on the wellbeing of our animals and the natural environment. We have a very good balance between a lovely educational tour for our tourists without any negative impact on our animals.

 We provide an educational tour explaining the history of the farm and the stages of growth from egg to adult bird.

We guide the tourists through our breeding station, where they see the ostrich eggs in our incubator. The tour continues to our ostrich nursery where the baby ostriches run around freely outside to catch the sun. They are kept in their age group to avoid bullying from older chicks. Your guests may take pictures of our ostrich babies but are sadly not allowed to touch or pick them up as this is too stressful for the little ones.

 After the tour, they are taken into our boutique shop where they can buy ostrich leather, feather and décor egg products. If they choose, they can buy a bag of ostrich feed and hand-feed our show couple in camp E1, they are used to human interaction and take feed from your guests’ hand.

 We also offer lunches in our on-site restaurant “The Hatchery”.

We do not offer any ostrich riding or sitting on our ostriches as we find this to be cruel to the birds and these activities can cause skeletal damage to them. We also do not slaughter on this farm. We are purely a breeding farm.

We do not use any hormon- based foods as we are strictly against this. We have an organic eco quality and the birds stay naturally healthy. We feed them a combination feed of maize, wheat, alfalfa, and Lucerne. They also consume crushed ostrich eggshell for calcium and quarts stones for digesting their food.

Cape Point Ostrich Farm ensures a healthy and happy life to their animals. The food is top quality and the nurseries, camps, and shelters are spacious, green and well-kept for the wellbeing of our animals.

We would also like to mention that we are about to open our doors to our new Reptile Rehabilitation Centre. The replies that we are featuring are snakes, lizards, frogs, tortoises crocodiles and an alligator. These are all rescued animals that were being kept in very small enclosures but will now have a new lease on life in their new extra big enclosures. We are very proud of this as our vision was “I want to be a snake in our own enclosures”.

 10 large tortoises have already joined us on the Cape Point Ostrich Farm and they are thoroughly enjoying their natural habitat enclosure and yes, they have a lovely pond and shelter too.

 I hope this gives you a better understanding of our farm.

They are certified by:    Cape Nature Conservation 

                                     City of Cape Town 

                                    State Veterinary Services 

Affiliated to:                  The Cape Point Ostrich Farm 

Run by:                        Tracey Charlene Bodington

                                    Shaun James Bodington

                                    Jessica Siobhan Bodington 

                                    Alistair Bairnsfather-Cloete

                                    Catherine Bairnsfather-Cloete

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