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issue nine : here comes the night

We get the low down from the queen of masking himself. Enter, alex of nini organics

Masking allows your skin the time to enter that essential relaxing and recharging state, so an evening application makes perfect sense. Masks serve many functions, from helping to remove dead skin cells to hydration to calming. You should choose your mask(s) according to the needs of your skin. They also prepare the skin for any follow on treatments you might want to apply afterwards, so they can work more effectively.

“Masking for me is the second most important step in my beauty routine. Cleansing, of course, being number one of course. It’s like sitting down to a good, hearty meal, except it’s a meal for my skin. I love to double and sometimes, even triple mask to ensure my skin is getting all the nutrients it deserves!”

The benefits of daily masking should be seen after the first week if you stick to the rules of masking. The trick is too ensure your skin is properly cleansed before apply your preferred mask. Next, be sure dampen your skin slightly to allow the mask to really work a little bit deeper than just the superficial surface layers. Once applied, you should never let your mask dry out. By keeping it slightly damp and moist, keeps those hard-working formulations and active ingredients alive and kicking. Allowing your mask dry out can potentially do more harm than good for your skin.

Alex tells us he likes powdered formulations because it allows him to customise his masking routine and provide his skin with precisely what it needs. Products without water or wet ingredients in the formulation also require little to no preservation and have a longer shelf life.

Add some apple cider vinegar for added enzyme exfoliation. Or mix your powdered mask with some yoghurt for added hydrating benefits.

Alex advises that your mask mix should be allowed to sit for 5 minutes before application for best results.

He also tells us that his top tip is to “Always start with a de-pollution mask first. Followed with either, a brightening or hydration mask – depending on what food your skin is in the mood for. If you’re going the for the whole hog: aka the triple mask – be sure to stick to the double order and use the third mask to target specific needs in specific areas.

Multi-masking is also a fantastic way to target specific areas of concern.

You wouldn’t use a hydration mask over a problematic, blemish prone area, yet other areas of your skin might actually need that extra hydration boost. So if you are trying to tackle a combination of skin concerns, then it’s always good to isolate those areas of concern and treat them with different masks.

Regular masking can result in smoother, softer and even clearer skin. So if you have the time or inclination to mask daily, more power to you. If, like me, your daily skincare routine is minimal, be sure to make a little extra effort at least one to two times a week.

As Alex says, “It truly is a fantastic feeling to see your skin behaving the way it should!”

Be sure to see our recent editorial ‘midnight masking’ featuring Alex and his masks of choice.

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