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See You In The Morning

Surviving Cancer

Rachel Manns
Beauty & Art Direction
Ameera Mian

issue nine : here comes the night

A story about one of life’s darkest moments, the realities of cancer, hopefulness and renewal. “See You In The Morning” is a story about survival.

Artist and model, Ameera Mian was diagnosed with Lymphoma in late 2018. We share her story from diagnosis, through treatment and her new life, in remission. Inspired by her words, and represented with beauty products that support health, wellness and renewal.

The original concept for this shoot was to recreate the physical consequences on the body of fighting this disease. However, on the day of the shoot, the story took on a life of its own, as we learnt about other realities for Ameera. They felt like a far more important story to tell.

Despite the often negative situations in which we obtain bruises, I have always found the colours of bruising very beautiful. We recreated this bruise starting at the scar from Ameera’s bone marrow biopsy. Bruising from IV drips and injections are an everyday occurrence for someone fighting cancer.

This incredible birthmark on Ameera’s leg was something that she asked us to photograph. Something that had been with her for life, but she has grown to love. While it doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with her cancer, coincidentally, it does have to do lymphocytes. Lymphocytes belong to the same system that her cancer attacked.

Find out more about Ameera, her story, surviving cancer, and how you can help people improve their chances of Fighting Lymphoma, in our exclusive interview.

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  • Shot with available light on location at models home
  • 2 people used public transport to reach location
  • Catering was from a take-away restaurant
  • No single use consumables were used
  • Cast/Crew from two nationalities


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