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CurioNoir Candle in Dark Bouquet

Dark Bouquet Candle
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issue nine : here comes the night

The artificial fragrances that perfume scented candles (and all just about every scented product in most homes) are extremely toxic. They are even being dubbed ‘The New Smoking’ by the University of Maryland. Some experts even suggest avoiding any kind of scented candle, because the burning of them lets off toxins into the air. However, being a life-long-lover of fine fragrance, a scented candle is a bit of a lifeline to me. So, I choose candles that are made from biodegradable wax and lead-free cotton wicks…and of course scented with only the safest ingredients. You can imagine my delight when I found this incredible candle (which fits all the above requirements) presented in a beautiful hand-blown glass jar…in the colour that fills my heart with joy.

She had only a candle’s light to see by, but candlelight never did badly by any woman.

― John Fowles, The French Lieutenant’s Woman

As longer nights are nearly upon us, and the inevitable darkness is encroaching – not only on the night sky, but also our state of mind. My state of mind certainly does on darker tones during the shifting of the seasons and I find that I need to indulge in some extra self-care to navigate these darker moods. The use of scent can be very beneficial in this.

Dark Bouquet’s notes of Orange Flower, Cypress, Jasmine and Vetiver evoke a sense of warmth and nostalgia (and drown out the interesting food smells coming from my neighbour’s apartment!) of the summer.

While this offering from CURIONOIR does not come cheap, it does have 65+ hour burn time. And at the end of its life, you are left with a unique, glass container that would make an excellent vase or vessel to enjoy for years to come.

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