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Freeing the ego for a greater good

The Congruence Project
Yohann Peres, & So What Hair Salon
Inês Pais

issue ten: the icons & iconoclasts

Photographer Annelaure Pothin (from AL&K) embraces her vulnerability – and that of many women – as she has her head shaved to donate to those who need it most. Inspired by iconoclastic female role models who have come before her, defying beauty norms, and inspiring others to see the beauty that radiates from within.

In Her Own Words

The idea of donating my hair started a while back, when I was very sick. Once, during a hospital visit, I came across a little girl in the hallway who was waiting for a chemotherapy session. She was bald and looked so sad, trying to hide herself from everyone’s stares. It totally broke my heart. 

I promised myself and to all of these children that as soon as I was better I would donate my own hair. There was nothing else I wished for more than to give back confidence and joy to this little girl, and many like her. Hair represents a part of their identity.

For decades, shaving your head has been a way of protesting, fighting and raising awareness for different causes; for a change to happen, for opening the eyes and hearts of people, to give up on narcissism and selfishness and grow love and compassion. I was inspired by the iconic act of Sinéad O’Connor, who shaved her head in the 80’s as she realised how much importance was placed a woman’s appearance.

This was a time when it was ‘desirable’ to have long and voluminous hair, drawn on and glossy lips and pencil-painted eyes. It was the glamorous bombshell look, the cliche of beauty. It became dangerous to be a woman and to be objectified. Shaving her head was Sinéad’s way to protect herself.

We all know that beauty does not only reside in external appearances, so for this Christmas, I encourage others to do something different, it’s time to shave the ego off and to change the life of someone… to help a little girl to get her smile back.

Please click on the link below to support The Little Princess Trust, an amazing charity that provides free real hair wigs to children and young adults up to 24 years, who have lost their own hair through cancer treatment and other conditions.

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Full Team Credits

Photographers: AL&K

Styling: The Congruence Project 

Hair: Yohann Peres, &SoWhat Hair Salon

Makeup: Inês Pais

Special thanks to Kenton Thatcher for donating the location space, Studio 311 – LX Factory


Green shirt & t-shirt by Näz

Hoodie by Siz

Bra by Organic Basics

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