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Getting radical with rouge.

Khandiz Joni
Lou Dartford
Cindy Reis @ MiLK Model Management

issue ten : the icons & iconoclasts

Makeup artist and founding member of Conscious Beauty Union, Lou Dartford, loves a cream blush. For this exclusive beauty editorial, we wanted to show this iconic creamy texture being used in rule-breaking ways.

Lou prepped Cindy’s skin by initially cleansing it with Weleda’s Almond Soothing Cleansing Lotion. She then applied BYBI’s Strawberry Booster and Ere Perez Moringa All-Beauty Crème for nourishment and hydration. Next, she lightly concealed any blemishes and discolouration with Hynt Beauty’s Duet Perfecting Concealer and evened out Cindy’s skin tone Ere Perez Oatmilk Foundation in Brew. Brows were brushed into place with Lavera’s transparent Eyebrow Styling Gel and the look was finished off with Absolution’s “The Powder” in Medium.

Pro Tips

If your foundation is the right surface colour but doesn’t quite match your undertone perfectly (and you don’t have 50 million other foundations options to mix together as a professional makeup artist would), using a tiny amount mineral pigment will do the trick. Lou mixed in a little bit of yellow pigment to the foundation to match Cindy’s skin tone seamlessly.

Featured Products

Ere Perez Carrot Colour Pot in Hello
An untainted beauty editorial_using iconic cream blush in an iconoclastic way
Look 1
An untainted beauty editorial_using iconic cream blush in an iconoclastic way
Look 2
RMS Beauty Sweet Nothing Lipstick used as blush & eyeshadow
Look 3
Antipodes Lipstick Piha Beach Tangerine used as a blush and eyeshadow
Look 4
An untainted beauty editorial_using iconic cream blush in an iconoclastic way
Look 5
*Give Face Cosmetics Neon Ultra-Bright Poly Pigment in Cosplay mixed into Ere Perez Moringa All-Beauty Crème.

*The *Give Face Cosmetics Neon Ultra-Bright Poly Pigment does contain polyester and synthetic dye to achieve the bright neon colour. We have opted to include it in this editorial in the interest of transparency of what was used and because Give Face Cosmetics has been transparent about the ingredients on their website. If you would like to use a pigment that doesn’t contain polyester, you can try Concrete Minerals Matte Eyeshadow in Toxic.

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