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Instagram Influencers For Relieving Stress

Some of our fav feeds to inspire & uplift!

issue eleven : tactile colour

By Tessa Parsonage

Let’s be honest, it’s pretty easy these days to get sucked into the Instagram rabbit hole on any given day – if not most days. We look down at our phones for just a minute, and before we know it hours have vanished (don’t say it’s never happened to you!). This is time we don’t get back. And while tuning out and escaping the realities of our own lives can be tempting, and sometimes necessary, we can afford to be choosier about who and what we spend our time ‘following’.

With practically a gazillion influencers on Instagram, we decided to go down the rabbit hole ourselves on a quest to discover a few feeds that offer positive value or could, at the very least, help with a bit of stress relief!

Since the theme for Issue eleven is Tactile Colour, and we know that colour can improve mood, energy and wellbeing we were naturally drawn to the feeds that use colour in one way or another.

Here are some of our favourites…

Positively Present

Why we love it: With free downloads, digital workbooks, colourful printables and a treasure trove of inspiring content, both on Instagram and on the website, getting lost in this feed will never be a waste of time! Take a look.

Replenish You

Why we love it: Scrolling this feed feels gentle and easy, bringing together muted tones, calming iconography and wordplay that speaks to the soul. It feels easier to breathe after a few minutes here! Take a look.


Why we love it: Food almost too pretty to eat! Not only are these masterpieces dazzling to look at, but many of them come with recipes and how-to videos. But to be honest, there’s nothing wrong with just staring at them for a while either. Take a look.

Buddha Doodles

Why we love it: You might already be familiar with this little buddha and his Ellie friend as they’ve been around for some time now. They’re beautifully illustrated and usually come with an important message that provide food for thought. Take a look.

The Blurt Foundation

Why we love it: The Blurt Foundation creates awareness and understanding around depression, with the aim to help anyone affected. You can find links to great downloadable resources, like self-care guides and crisis plans on their feed and website. Take a look.

Tortus Pottery

Why we love it: Is there anything more therapeutic than the serenading spin of a potter’s wheel? You’ll easily get swept away watching the mesmerising time-lapse videos of their ceramics coming to life. Take a look.


Why we love it: We’ve never ‘seen’ music from this perspective before. Stringscapes is an ongoing video series where the creator films himself playing soothing acoustic melodies with a camera inside the guitar. Take a look.

Tanya Val ~ Painter

Why we love it: Tanya is an earthy abstract artist and florist with such a swoon-worthy style. She even paints using foraged homemade inks (made from berries and mineral pigments) and pretty much everything about her work is dreamy and inspiring! Take a look.

Patch Plants

Why we love it: Just looking at plants makes us feel like we can breathe better! A fun feed for the green thumbs out there with beautiful indoor and outdoor inspo pics – plus they deliver if anything catches your eye. Bonus. Take a look.

Happy Skin Kitchen

Why we love it: Elisa is a plant-based food blogger and photographer. Her Instagram feed, website and YouTube channel are all packed with recipes that are both mouthwatering AND good for you. Win! Take a look.

Shona Vertue

Why we love it: We all know exercise is directly linked to stress relief. Personal trainer Shona Vertue shares awesome bite-size workout routines and tips on both her Instagram & YouTube channels, focusing on overall health and mobility. Also, she’s trained the cast of Wonder Woman, so there’s that. Take a look.

Jenna Rainey

Why we love it: Jenna gives free art tutorials on YouTube and her Instagram account is peppered with vibrant colour, demos, tips and tricks for the budding artists! If you’ve ever wanted to try your hand at watercolour, this will be a great place to start. Take a look.


Why we love it: Conceptualised by our very own Untainted founder @khandiz, I AM IMPACT is an ongoing collaborative art project exploring the human impact on our fragile planetary boundaries. With gorgeous visuals that carry profound and powerful messages, this will be a feed to keep your eye on. Take a look.

Adam Hillman

Why we love it: This chap makes crazy compositions out of everyday things! If you’re a sucker for intricate patterns, fiddly bits and admire others for their painstaking attention to detail, then you’ll love this feed. Take a look.

Andreas Wannerstedt

Why we love it: Swedish motion graphics artist, Andreas Wannerstedt, crafts unique 3D sculptures and mesmerizing looping animations that will explode your brain in the best ways. This feed is basically like one giant fidget spinner that we can’t take our eyes off. Take a look.

Nature Clips

Why we love it: We can always count on the sights and sounds of nature to relax the senses. This collection of super cool cinemagraphs combine still images with video to create a kind of calming meditation space that’s worth getting lost in. Sound ON. Take a look.

Conscious Beauty Union

Why we love it: Finally, if you want to be inspired by a group of game-changers in the beauty and wellness world, you’ve come to the right place. CBU blows the lid off the status-quo and offers education, inspiration and empowerment around sustainable beauty. Time here will always be well spent. Take a look.

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