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Antonia Burrell’s And Breathe

Antonia Burrell And Breathe
Antonia Burrell
And Breathe Air Cleansing Room Spray
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issue eleven : tactile colour

Green. Lots and lots of greens. Mostly a sage green or perhaps it’s celadon green? With shards of deep forest, splashes of purple and dots of pure white light. That’s the colour palette that comes to mind when I smell And Breathe Air Cleansing Room Spray.

I’ve always been able to ‘smell’ colours. In fact, in my first year of high school, we were told to do a project…on anything we wanted…and I did mine on the association between smell and colour. It was a bit of a “scratch and sniff” experiment. What can I say? I was a peculiar child. Without much (none at all) intervention from therapists – traditional or spiritual – the unobserved impacts colour can have on our psyche and wellbeing continues to fascinate me to do this day.

And Breathe, in its sophisticated black glass bottle, might not be an obvious choice for an issue about colour, but to me, it’s the embodiment of tactile colour. It’s emotive. It’s visceral. It’s an unapologetic blend of 14 different therapeutic plant oils and extracts left me conjuring up colours (and feelings) I couldn’t see in front of me.  

My regular readers know that when I have been gifted a product (as this one was) there is no guarantee that I will feature it on UNTAINTED. The reviews I share on here are honest, as I want to promote good quality, eco-conscious brands that don’t perpetuate the waste problem in the beauty industry…and I am not just talking about packaging. So here is why I am including And Breathe into this issue.

I had a recent work/study trip. Just before leaving the house at 6 am on a Monday morning to catch my train, something compelled me to grab my bottle of And Breathe just as I walked out the door. Perhaps it was so that I would have something grounding and familiar to remind me home. It was the first time I had slept away from home in months! With that, of course, came a certain amount of COVID-anxienty.

I opted out of staying at a hotel (always doing what I can to keep my CO2 emissions down when I travel) and instead stayed in an Airbnb. The host was a Super Host, the room was quaint and super clean. What could go wrong? Well, I walked in and smelt deep pink. Artificial, rancid pink…thanks to the commercial air freshener the host had put in pride of place. While holding my breath I very quickly extracted the offensive odour from the room and, low and behold was able to pacify the suffocating scent with something wholesome and real. A good reminder to trust my instincts.

Turns out that the washing detergent used to wash the bedding had imbued itself in all the soft furnishings in the room, and something in the formulation caused a severe physical reaction. I didn’t sleep that night, as the synthetic smell of best-intentions suffocated me. The only thing that got me through was regular squirts of And Breathe… Not only because, for a few moments it masked the rancid pink with calming greens, but it actually calmed my nervous system.

It is worth mentioning, in the interest of transparency, that all 14 ingredients are not listed on the Antonia Burrell website for this particular fragrance product – only the active ingredients are. So if you are sensitive to fragrance and you’re concerned, either reach out to the brand or er on the side of caution…as this is a very powerful aroma.

The reason I feel comfortable to include the beautiful product is that Antonia – the force behind the brand – is a BABTAC-accredited practitioner and an Associate Lecturer in the Chemistry of Aromatherapy at the London College of Fashion with two decades of experience.

I absolutely adore this purifying, clarifying room spray and has become a permanent fixture in my grab-bag (the bag that lives by the door with all my COVID-conducive bits and bobs). I only hope Antonia comes out with a refill option for this product very soon!

WARNING: Ensure you don’t spray this product on polished surfaces, laminated floors, furnishings, fabrics, naked flames and avoid contact with eyes/face. Despite being all-natural, Essential Oils are powerful chemicals that can damage materials and surfaces, be sensitising to the skin and a potential allergen to some people.

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Antonia Burrell And Breathe
Antonia Burrell’s And Breathe
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Alcohol Free
Independently produced in the UK
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