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affirmation culture review
Soul Mate
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issue twelve: all things bright & beautiful

There is no denying that I am a fan of a scented candle. I’ve featured a few on UNTAINTED over the years. Each of them with their own unique scents and intentions. So naturally, I was excited to learn about a+FFIRMATION CULTURE and be able to review it for the All Things Bright & Beautiful issue.

What’s different about this brand is that it has a very clear intention “To create consciously made, clean-burning candles that help encourage mental health and happiness through the power of thought.” This purpose-driven approach to business (in beauty and beyond) is so needed right now.

There has been a real light held to mental health recently, and rightly so, with even more people across the world developing problems. And of those that had already suffered with them, many have gotten worse during the pandemic. World Mental Health Day was observed on 10 October to highlight the realities of the mental health crisis. According to research by the mental health charity, Mind, “with over 16,000 people surveyed, more than half of adults (60%) and over two-thirds of young people (68%) said their mental health got worse during lockdown.”

Affirmation Culture is also committed to standing up against racial inequality and injustice within the global community to effect change. BlPOC mental health is adversely and disproportionately affected, even before lockdown. With their efforts to help and donate, the brand has launched the Call For Justice Candle. It comes with 1 of 10 positive quotes from black activists throughout history to motivate and inspire us.

10% of the profit will be donated to the Black Lives Matter Movement to help them with their valuable and essential work. So far Affirmation Culture has donated over $1300.00


Even without the added pressures of a global pandemic and looming lockdowns, a movement fighting for racial equality and human rights, and impending climate and social collapse, our mental health and happiness are greatly affected by modern life itself. Unattainable, unrealistic narratives of what “perfect” looks like thanks the ever-growing rise of social media platforms like Instagram and Tick Tock only adds to feelings of inadequacy.

a+FFIRMATION CULTURE’s simple, but beautiful offering serves to remind us that we are enough. This is achieved in two parts. Firstly, by helping to create a mindful environment in the form of a subtly scented hand-poured candle made from natural biodegradable coconut wax and perfumed with carefully considered organic essential oils that support wellbeing and happiness. Secondly, the ritual is supported by an affirmation card that asks you to keep it and repeat it.

I love and appreciate follow-through (on the ideas and mission statements) and little details like this keepsake. I also respect that this brand was borne out of founder, Monique Brown’s, own personal experiences with mindfulness and meditation and mental health wellbeing advocacy and donates 10% of annual profits to the Mental Health Foundation – further upholding the values of the business.

I tried the Soul Mate scent (because I liked the scent profile, and the idea that “the most important relationship is the one we have with ourselves.”) which contains lavender and orange blossom. Upon unboxing the candle, the combination feels sophisticated and interesting. Lavender has a tendency to smell a little dated and simplistic, but the addition of orange creates inexplicable alchemy. It has a subtle scent while burning, which, in my opinion, is preferable in experiencing calm.

Over-powering scents and aromas can actually be a distraction – not mention are often filled with harmful synthetic fragrance compounds filled with phthalates and other toxic fumes such as benzene and toluene – all of which are carcinogenic. a+FFIRMATION CULTURE doesn’t contain any of these harmful known carcinogens.

They also have a scent-free option for those that have sensitivities to essential oils.

My affirmation card serves as reminder that I am confident. I am strong. I am enough. Words that have been helpful at times of overwhelm.

For a company that prioritises both mental and environmental wellbeing, and achieves this with their choice of ingredients, manufacturing processing and encouragement to reuse the container once the candle was finished, I was a little disappointed that the box that the candle came in was coated in plastic – rendering it unrecyclable in many curbside recycling streams. However, when I highlighted my concerns (as part of my own commitment and practice to sustainability) to Monique, she responded with a gentle, kind and quick reply that sufficiently acknowledged the company’s current short-comings, and which outlined what initiatives were in the pipeline to remedy this and continually improve environmental practices for the company.

This one, in particular, was a truly great feature* that will be coming soon to a+FFIRMATION CULTURE.

“I am also having a feature installed into my website this month where you can choose between a box or a biodegradable muslin drawing bag for packaging. I wanted to do this to help create as little packaging waste as possible and also reduce the number of boxes I use whilst I am in this next stage of growth.”

a+FFIRMATION CULTURE is certainly a bright light when the world seems a little darker than usual.

*Not yet implemented at the time of writing this review

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affirmation culture review
a+ffirmation Culture
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10% of annual profits donated to mental health charity
Supports #BLM movement with a dedicated offering
Scent-free option so everyone can experience the ritual
Box coated in plastic, therefore non-recyclable (currently)

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