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The Beauty of Affirmation

Say them aloud. On Repeat.

Natasja Fourie at One Represents
Khandiz Joni
Jessica Burley @ Titanium Management

issue twelve : all things bright & beautiful

The Beauty of Affirmation features a collection of brightening beauty products. From skincare and makeup to hair and body care. As longer, colder, darker days set in, not only do we have to pay extra attention to our skin to ensure its kept strong and healthy, but we also have to ensure we are keeping our mental wellbeing in check. Daily affirmations and mindfulness practices that support more than just our outward appearance, is what will make us shine the brightest. You are golden, and don’t ever forget that.

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untainted |ˌənˈtān(t)əd| adjective
not contaminated, polluted, or tainted: the paper was untainted by age.

UNTAINTED is a directional beauty platform, pushing the boundaries of clean, sustainable beauty. We are inspired and motivated by the Japanese philosophy of Wabi-sabi.

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