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Charrli. Your Modern-day Milk(wo)man.

A conversation with Founders, Monica and Chloe.

issue twelve: all things bright and beautiful

Beauty refills are not a new idea. Anyone in the eco-space has been talking about them for a long time. While more and more brands have started offering them in recent years, it’s not been without its challenges. From potential contamination risks and repercussions for brands…or, even just the practicality of actually getting to a store to refill them. Although I am London-based, I don’t have a car, and I don’t live in walking distance of any stores that offer refills of the products I actually use. I also don’t have the time to travel across the city so I can spend excessive amounts of money to do so.

A nice idea…in theory. So what’s the solution?

Hello, charrli!

As the theme name suggests – or if you’ve read my editor’s note on the home page – this issue is all about bright minds and beautiful ideas. While I was dreaming this issue up, an unsolicited email landed in my inbox. The subject line read: “Move over recycling, there’s a greener solution in town – meet charrli!” and it really caught my attention.

I’m sick to death with the false-economy that is recycling in the beauty industry. I want to see new, innovative reuse models for the home…and that’s exactly what Charrli delivers! Their mission is to “make refills easy, convenient and the norm as a greener alternative.”

What is charrli?

In a nutshell, charrli is a home-delivery-refill service for all your home cleaning and beauty essentials. A modern twist on the good ol’ fashioned milkman. But, instead of milk, you get a selection of untainted products to make like a little bit brighter.

Your weekly supplies are delivered to your door by pedal-power, so you don’t even have to worry about those pesky carbon-emissions.

How Does It Work?

You simply go to the website and place your order from their curated eco-friendly selection of cleaning and beauty products and refill accessories, and then sit back and wait for the doorbell to ring.

You can choose to just make a one time purchase, or opt for their subscription service (which, if you’re committing to reducing your reliance on *all packaging, then this is the way to go).

Aside from the obvious environmental benefits of a refill service, the subscription offering means you will never run out of product. I don’t know about you, but I could do with one less thing to worry about in these worrying times?

Once you’re done, just keep your empties in a safe place, sit back and wait for the doorbell to ring. Your empties will be collected on your next delivery cycle.

Oh, how I do love a regular cycle.

They have recently launched their sample service to help reduce product waste – although it is currently only restricted to a few haircare products. No doubt this line will be increasing soon enough.

*While Charrli focuses on reducing plastic-waste, the added benefit of their refill system is that you can reduce all your packaging waste…which is fantastic, as many ‘eco-friendly’ packaging alternatives have a much higher carbon footprint to produce and transport, and come with their own set of unique impacts on the wider environment.

As a newly launched service, they are still only delivering to a select number of London-based post codes, but you can sign up to their waiting list to be notified about when they will be delivering to your area.

Listen Up!

In an UNTAINTED first, this interview was recorded over Zoom in mid-September (2020). So pull out your headphones, kick-back with your beverage of choice and learn all about the bright idea and the beautiful minds behind this home-delivery service for your home cleaning and beauty essentials!

Watch and listen to Khandiz chat to Monica and Chloe about their beautiful brainchild, Charrli.

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