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Skin Alchemists Artisanal Soap

Skin Alchemists Artisanal Soap
Skin Alchemists
Sundown Artisanal Bar Soap
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issue twelve : all things bright & beautiful

I am always on the hunt for beautiful, untainted, mindful products in minimal packaging to champion and celebrate. So imagine my delight when I am asked to review the brilliant Skin Alchemists latest offering; a hand-poured, artisanal soap bar with skin brightening ingredients.

There are bar soaps…and there are well-above-the-bar-soaps. This beautiful offering falls in the latter category for sure. So why does this opulent, low-lather bar have me frothing at the bit? Firstly, I love everyday beauty and personal care products that are not only functional but inspiring, tactile and even…emotive. I have been using the Sundown scent, which I chose specifically because of it’s brightening ingredients. Naturally, they need to be brimming with responsibly-sourced ingredients that support not only the skin but the people who harvest them and the eco-systems they grow in.

While admittedly, the lemon-scent is not my most preferred olfactory aroma, I am obsessed with the gentle exfoliation the colloidal oatmeal provides in a single movement. I can say for certain that my dry winter skin is lapping up the nourishing oils of olive, coconut and shea, while the activated charcoal helps to bind and remove toxins and the hand-harvested, sun-dried sea moss rich in sulphur from shores of St Lucia (Theresa, the founder’s homeland) serve to protect my skin. And while I can write lots of lovely words (albeit, true and heartfelt) it’s my partner’s reaction to this beautiful soap that sealed the deal.

In all my years of reviewing product, this is the first time I can remember him commenting and enquiring on the procurement of said soap. Usually, he just has to endure whatever shareable personal care products I put in the bathroom, but this time he verbally expressed his delight – both of the fragrance and the physical properties of the soap.

To top it off, the offering feels innovative and unique. A work of art in my bathroom that brings me joy and transports me to exotic lands every time I use it.

This soap is an affordable luxury for gifts this festive season, one that wouldn’t go a miss for any gender or skin needs.

I can’t wait to try more from the range! I’m particularly excited by the idea of the Charred Rose and Dark Matter…but that’s a whole other matter for a whole other time.

Chances Program

Like many of us who became slightly obsessive with washing our hands, so too did Theresa’s young daughter. Many soaps just dry out our skin and destroy our microbiome, which has a myriad of longer-lasting consequences. Skin Alchemists formulations are designed not only to nourish the skin but protect it too.

While COVID-19 presented itself as an opportunity to Theresa – if only in the sense that it inspired her to develop a product that would care for her little girl’s eczema-prone skin and ultimately become a new product in the Skin Alchemists stable – the same cannot be said for tens of thousands of people across the UK and beyond who are suffering physically, financially and emotionally.

The Chances Program delivers upcycled soap, made from the shavings and off-cuts of these beautiful bars, and supplies organisations that offer not only a ‘chance’ to individuals but maybe even a little glimmer of hope. During these uncertain times, soap is not only a life saver but in some cases, even has the potential to give someone back their dignity.

The practice of upcycling every morsel of soap not only provides benefit to people in need, but it upholds and reinforces the commitment of the brand to care for people and planet.

Skin Alchemists Chances Program means many people struggling under the weight of the impacts of COVID-19 can meet a basic human right, and even experience the simplest of luxuries during such trying times.

If you know of any organisation whose purpose is giving people a chance – a hand up, not a hand out (including food banks, Women’s refuge and asylum aid agencies, etc) and are in need of hygiene products, please get in touch with Skin Alchemists.


Put it display. It’s a masterpiece.


Sodium olivate (olive) oil, Sodium Cocoate (coconut) oil, Sodium shea butterate (shea) butter, Aqua, Glycerin, Sodium sunflowerate (sunflower) oil, Sodium Castorate (castor) oil, Sodium cocoa butterate (cocoa) butter,  Chrondrus crispus (sea moss) extract, Cocos (coconut) nucifera milk, Kaolin (and) Illite (yellow clay), Colloidal Oatmeal, Dea Sea Mineral Mud, CI 77891 (Titanium Dioxide), Aloe barbadensis Leaf Juice, Cymbopogon Flexuosus (lemongrass), Citrus Limonum (lemon), Curcuma Longa (tumeric) Root Powder, Sodium Chloride (pink himalayan salt), Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract, Copaifera Officinalis (copaiba) Resin OilRosmarinus Officinalis leaf extract.

approximately 130g NET weight when packaged

* due to handcutting our soap bars we cannot guarantee the exact weight.

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Skin Alchemists Artisanal Soap
Skin Alchemists Artisanal Soap
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