untainted |ˌənˈtān(t)əd| adjective

not contaminated, polluted, or tainted: the paper was untainted by age.

UNTAINTED is a directional beauty platform, pushing the boundaries of clean, sustainable beauty.

The clean beauty industry is growing on a daily basis. From artisanal beauty brands to mainstream cosmetic houses wanting in on the action. However, the imagery being produced for many of these brands is still very "wholesome" and safe.

UNTAINTED MAGAZINE was started to give makeup artists working with clean, sustainable beauty products a space in which to push the boundaries of what can be achieved with products free from unnecessary toxins and negative environmental implications.  A platform in which clean beauty can be seen simply for its achievements and loose the pretexts of natural, green, organic and cruelty free, and simply referred to as 'untainted'.

A place where consumers who don't care about the make up of their beauty products and are only interested in results, are exposed to the future of beauty in the language they speak! 

Curated and edited by makeup artist, Khandiz Joni.