Look back over previous issue's themes and motivations.

Issue three : Fear thy neighbour

This issue is not about race. It is about culture. There is a difference. I am constantly frustrated by the media's portrayal - or lack there of - on the difference between the two. It is about our lack of understanding about our "neighbours" cultures, and the fear that creates. 

At no time in history has the world been free from hatred and bigotry. Today we are at fever pitch. Incompetent men are leading nations with fear. Past lessons have been unlearnt and once again it is man's ego that brings us to the precipice of global collapse. 

Hailing from a country that has had (and still has) it's fair share racial and bigoted marks tainting our history books; those ideals have not become mine. The are not the ideals of my friends.  This issue "Fear thy Neighbour" - albeit apathetic at first glance - is a title of observation rather than instruction. It sums up the current state of social and global affairs. I have had people look at me quizzically when I have told them the title, prompting questions such as  "is that just a working title?" or "don't you mean; don't fear thy neighbour?" Of course I am not advocating fear! I don't want anyone to fear their neighbour. What I do want, is a space in which we can begin to recognise that it is the lack of knowledge and understanding about other people that leads to fear and it is fear that leads to hate. 

The articles, editorials, reviews and interviews in this issue of UNTAINTED have been carefully considered and curated to offer a different vantage point. It is, as always, about beauty. It is about the beauty of people, our differences as well as similarities. The practices and traditions of cultures from around the world. It is about curiosity and understanding.

This is a space for a dialogue, for us to share not only the stories from our own cultures, but a place to explain to others why their actions might be offensive or hurtful. Explained from a place of compassion and understanding that at its core, ignorance is not intentional, it is simply ignorant. (I know this does not ring true for everyone, as there are lots of racist, bigots that are simply to far down the rabbit hole. This is a space for me, a white girl from South Africa, living in London, to ask the questions that society deems too "politically incorrect" or the contrite Britishness won't ask out of fear of upsetting someone. I have so many questions. Don't you?

It is a space for you to learn... and to teach. 

We are citizens of the world, you and I. We may have different histories, our skin may vary in shade, we may speak different languages but,  if you show me your heart,  I will show you mine. 

Peace and goodwill.

K x

issue two : from the water's depth

Water.  A clear liquid comprised of two gas atoms, in unequal parts. It is vital to our very survival. A life force, cleanser, anointer and holder of secrets.  

Water has been an endless source of inspiration for me throughout my life, both emotionally and creatively. I have no doubt it offers a similar source of inspiration for many of you. 

While it may be somewhat of a stalwart talking point, it is an important one... on so many levels. This issue explores both the beauty of water, as well as its fragility within our eco system. As much as every living organism requires water to survive, when  angry, it too, can cause great destruction. 

UNTAINTED is a space in which myself and other creatives have an opportunity to allow our inspiration from the waters to flow (while considering the parameters of using untainted products and practices of course), and a place to be reminded just how integral water is in everything we do. Open those floodgates in your mind and go deep... and discover the water's depth.

From the still calm waters of a mountain reservoir, to the turbulent seas, murky puddles or crystal clear streams and everything in between. Where does the water (theme) take you?

It is both literally and figuratively a reflection of this world and it, a reflection of us. How we treat it is paramount to our very survival.

Join us as we explore water across the realm of beauty,  in all its varied contexts in this second instalment of UNTAINTED Magazine. We will investigate its importance both as an ingredient as well as its ability to help cleanse us, and allow its colours inspire our 'paint' choices.

So many incredible contributors have added their inspiration to this issue. I cannot tell you how proud and honoured I am to be able to share their stories with you.  I will leave you here and  let the proverbial waters guide you across the "pages" of this publication so that you can see for yourself.

I hope that what you learn through the images and words of this issue simply make you more aware of just how invaluable water is - to not only our survival, but the survival of beauty itself.

issue one : borrowed from before

With the unwavering onslaught of information available to us every. single. day, is it truly possible to create something completely unique?

This is something that weighs heavy on my mind when I am creating my varied works of art. The number of times I have created a look, thinking "by George, this time I've done it!" only to see something painfully similar appear on the pages of some glossy magazine or Pinterest board a few days later. While there is no way I could have known another artist was creating something similar, or them known what I have created, there it is - out there for the world to see and me to feel judged (if even by my own self imposing thoughts and unwarranted sense of guilt). The reality is, whether we care to admit it or not, ideas are in the ether. They belong to no one and everyone.  I suppose this fear stems from seeing so much work blatantly plagiarised. I would prefer that we celebrate and honour the artist that have come before us, pay homage if you will.

This "fear" got me thinking...instead of running from it, I wanted to explore the idea head on. And so, the theme Borrowed from Before was the way in which I have decided to do it. I have come to the conclusion that even "pioneers" have not made something out of thin air - they constantly draw inspiration from the past (and from other artists). What sets them apart is how they manage to stay ahead of the curve and make something their own. 

There is a full and varied range of content and ideas for you to feast your eyes on. From honouring fashion pioneer Diana Vreeland to profiling Baz Luhrmann, a film director with an impeccably trained eye for hair and makeup details, to a somewhat tongue-in-cheek article about ancient beauty practices. Not to mention a few interviews, product reviews, inspiration pages and even a couple of beauty editorials thrown in for good measure. Each tying into the idea of borrowing from before.

Naturally, in keeping with the title of this "magazine," all the products recommended are made from untainted ingredients and do not compromise on performance in any way.

So on that note...Welcome to the first ever issue of Untainted Magazine!