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One is never afraid of the unknown; one is afraid of the known coming to an end.
— Jiddu Krishnamurti

I recently did a shoot at Heathrow Airport. Yep, that is where we spent the day. In the departure area. It is rather a surreal experience for an avid traveller like myself, to go to an airport and not leave.

The other challenge that day was packing an entire hair and makeup (I only did the hair that day, thankfully, but the makeup artist was in the same situation as me) that would qualify as carry-on allowance through airport security. Let's just say I now know I can style hair with no more than two products.

This got me thinking...will a travelling beauty-aficionado ever only be able to travel with a carry-on?

As life has a funny way of aligning itself, right after the airport shoot, I stumbled up an online beauty destination; UnKnown Beauty which caters to exactly that...

You might be wondering what travel friendly beauty products have to do with cultural diversity? Well, I believe it is travelling that allows one to truly experience other people's cultures. An opportunity to immerse yourself in a way of life that is completely different from your own. Sure, you could just sit back and be a "tourist" but, I implore you to try being a traveller (one goes on sightseeing tours and concerns themselves with nothing more than pleasantries, the traveller however, befriends a local and gets to truly engage with others ways of life.)

We don’t believe in upsetting the skin’s balance by testing new products everytime you travel.
— UnKnown Beauty

explore the unknown

Paris Edwards, the founder of UnKnown Beauty, is also an avid traveller - who suffered with eczema. On her many trips abroad, she was discovering wonderful, untainted products that were alleviating her skin ailments - many of which were not available in the UK. 


The inspiration

The wonderful thing about travelling is how it can inspire. 

The inspiration for UnKnown Beauty came from travelling and provided a solution to the problem of limitations arising from a carry-on limit.


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The belief

Edwards decided to focus on travel products as she believes our beauty routines should remain the same regardless of where we are in the world, be it at home, aboard or the gym.

Ask anyone who suffers from sensitised skin and I bet you they will agree. Once you have found products that work for you, you stick with them.


As the name suggests

The products sold on the site are, as the name suggests, are "unknown" to the UK and European markets. Well, if you're an avid blog reader, perhaps you are aware of them, but the hefty price tag to ship them to your door might deter you from trying them. Now you can! 

The offering is a curated one, so don't expect thousands of different brands and products. Do expect brands that comply with their ethos and principals, which are; brands that do not test on animals, brands must be independent, brand products must work to benefit the skin and brands must be exclusive to the United Kingdom. In a nutshell, untainted.

It is also worth mentioning that it is not as simple as finding a product that you like and deciding to be a UK/EU stockist. The EU has much stricter laws when it comes to ingredients and manufacture. In order for a product to be sold here, the brand first needs to comply with EU laws.

Edwards says "This has definitely affected the selection process. When approaching brands the first thing we ask is if they comply with EU laws, and more times than not most international brands do not meet requirements or are in the process of becoming compliant."



I personally love the ease of use of the site and that you know exactly where the brands and products are from, as well as know that they stand for.

UnKnown Beauty currently stocks Air Repair Skincare / Captain Blankenship/ Herban Essentials / Kapuluan Coconut / Mieux Derma / Province Apothecary 


Planning your next adventure?

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Happy travels.