Blue, Holi, You

issue 7 : folklore & fairytales

Reincarnated Beauty

Repetition in different forms: Inspired by the epic love stories of Hindu mythology and the colours that glorified them.


Blue, Holi, You

A love story, reincarnated.

While this story could have begun with the classic "Once Upon A Time,"  it's not going to. The intricacies of Hindu mythology is not so unexacting and to portray it as such, would be doing it a great disservice. It takes a lifetime to learn, and truly understand, the narratives and avatars in the epic tales of demons, kings, and consorts.

Although originally inspired by Rama and Sita, from the great epic Ramayana, we also honour the avatars that came before and allow your own mind to fill in the blanks of this timeless love story.


Photography: Gabrielle Menezes

Art Direction, Hair and makeup by Khandiz using Therapi Honey Skincare, Couleur Caramel Compact Foundation and Alchemy Amla Hair Oil throughout.

Muse: Ameera @Nii Agency

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