"fear they neighbour"




This issue is not about race. It is about culture. There is a difference. I am constantly frustrated by the media's portrayal - or lack thereof - on the difference between the two. It is about our lack of understanding about our "neighbours" cultures, and the fear that creates. 

At no time in history has the world been free from hatred and bigotry. Today we are at fever pitch. Incompetent men are leading nations with fear. Past lessons have been unlearnt and once again it is man's ego that brings us to the precipice of global collapse. 

Hailing from a country that has had (and still has) its fair share racial and bigoted marks tainting our history books; those ideals have not become mine. They are not the ideals of my friends.  This issue "Fear thy Neighbour" - albeit apathetic at first glance - is a title of observation rather than instruction. It sums up the current state of social and global affairs. I have had people look at me quizzically when I have told them the title, prompting questions such as  "is that just a working title?" or "don't you mean; don't fear thy neighbour?"

Of course I am not advocating fear! I don't want anyone to fear their neighbour. What I do want, is a space in which we can begin to recognise that it is the lack of knowledge and understanding about other people that leads to fear and it is fear that leads to hate. 

The articles, editorials, reviews and interviews in this issue of UNTAINTED have been carefully considered and curated to offer a different vantage point. It is, as always, about beauty. It is about the beauty of people, our differences as well as similarities. The practices and traditions of cultures from around the world. It is about curiosity and understanding.

The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.
— H.P Lovercraft

This is a space for a dialogue, for us to share not only the stories from our own cultures, but a place to explain to others why their actions might be offensive or hurtful. Explained from a place of compassion and understanding that at its core, ignorance is not intentional, it is simply ignorant. (I know this does not ring true for everyone, as there are lots of racist, bigots that are simply too far down the rabbit hole. This is a space for me, a white girl from South Africa, living in London, to ask the questions that society deems too "politically incorrect" or the contrite Britishness won't ask out of fear of upsetting someone. I have so many questions. Don't you?

It is a space for you to learn... and to teach. 

We are citizens of the world, you and I. We may have different histories, our skin may vary in shade, we may speak different languages but,  if you show me your heart,  I will show you mine. 

Peace and goodwill.

K x