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Issue 9 : Here Comes the Night

A celebration of the night, and all the beauty it bestows on us

It was the possibility of darkness that made the day seem so bright

Stephen King, Wolves of the Calla

Editor's Note

On the odd occasion, when the Sleep Monster hasn't got me in its grips by about 20:30 and I manage to evade its sleep dust, something strange happens to me. In no uncertain terms, I go a little batshit. I love those nights.

Even nature sounds different at night. No quick, sharp bird chirps or high pitched drilling (both of which I am listening too as I write this), just long, heavy humming sounds from the creatures of the night.

The products reviewed in this issue are quite literally so easy, you can use them in your sleep...and those that you can't wear to bed, will certainly serve to brighten the darkness.

You also might have noticed the new look and feel for the platform? We have also introduced some substantial changes to uphold our sustainability initiatives and do our bit to support the UN Sustainability Goals.

I would love your feedback on the new look, as well as letting me know which content you're enjoying the most so I can be sure to deliver more of it going forward.

Sleep easy.

K x

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