issue three : fear thy neighbour


We interview Maria as part of our "Melanin" beauty series. 

What is your ethnicity?

I'm German with a African Mozambican background (my mum is German my dad is African )


What culture do you identify most with?

German but I'm so open and interested in other cultures and I want to get my Mozambican roots better!

Do you still practice any of the traditional practices of your heritage at home? If so, what are they?



Do you know any traditional beauty practices from your culture? Could you share some with us?



What is the most frustrating thing about being a model and having your makeup done?

That it's hard to match my skin tone, and there is not so much foundation or products for dark skin girls a specially in Germany.


What are some of the misconceptions other people might have about your culture/heritage?

Some people can't believe or won't believe that I was born in Germany and I feel on one side, like a German but I know I still have another side that I don't have much connection with.


What has been the best part of being part of this beauty project for you?

To have met new, amazing people and other dark skin models, which are really nice!


If there was one thing you could make others understand about your culture, what would it be?

Even though I was born in Germany, it's hard to feel totally German. If you have a second heritage, you are always not 100% German and not 100% African, so it's very difficult for me to identify myself.  That's why I prefer to think we are all just human beings in this one world. It doesn't matter what background you or your parents come from, as long as you feel at home somewhere on this planet and have people around you that you love, everything is fine and that's all what you need in life to identify yourself!