issue three : fear thy neighbour


We interview Mopesola as part of our "Melanin" beauty series. 

What is your ethnicity?

Black/African from Nigeria.


What culture do you identify most with?



Do you still practice any of the traditional practices of your heritage at home? If so, what are they?



What is the most frustrating thing about being a model and having your makeup done?

The most frustrating thing about being a model and getting makeup done. It's hard for them to find the right shade that matches my skin tone. Using the wrong shade makes skin look ashy and makes me feel uncomfortable.


What are some of the misconceptions other people might have about your culture/heritage? 

The misconception that others might have in my culture, is we can be identified with different things that's very unique, such as the hairstyle we do which bring out the natural beauty.


What has been the best part of being part of this beauty project for you?

The best of part of this beautiful project, it's about how beautiful the skins are and how getting the right shade of foundation is very important.