Brand Review : Walden Natural Perfumes

issue one : borrowed from before

Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads.
— Henry David Thoreau

Christian Dior once said "A women's perfume tells you more about her than her handwriting." This may very well be a true, as I certainly change my perfume as often as I change my handwriting... regularly. It's all dependent on my mood, my persona I am creating for the day or simply what colour dress I plan on wearing.

Since "fragrance" became a bad word on our ingredients list because it meant that potentially harmful ingredients did not need to be listed, anyone who thrived in the aroma's of their signature scent was at a loss. Either having to wear the wholesome (but often dreary) smells of aromatherapy oils or go cold turkey and suffer the fragrance of au natural. 

While some natural perfumes are still a little hit-and-miss, there are definitely some great brands delighting our senses and seducing us with the future of perfumery by borrowing from the past.


Walden natural eau de parfum

The brand was named after Henry David Thoreau’s seminal novel; Walden. Part meditation, part handbook. A way forward in simple living in harmony with nature.  The book has inspired countless readers and has become the continued source of inspiration for Walden Perfumes. They truly are an ode to perfum.

Walden Perfumes are 100% natural and made from the finest absolutes, resins and essential oils in the world. Offering a natural alternative to mass-produced fragrances made by industrial processes and promoted by celebrity culture. Walden Perfumes proudly returns to the glory days of real perfumery, when fragrances were made by hand in small batches from natural ingredients of the finest quality.

The name is borrowed from before and draws inspiration for the untainted beauty of words, ideas and nature herself.

Prices range from £40 - £60 for a 50ml bottle, but a little goes a long way, and every squirt is a little bit of heaven.

I love how they have a quote from the book that inspired the name of each perfume, printed on the box and they also list all of the ingredients for each product.


A Little Star-Dust

This fresh, summery scent reminds me of  Mediterranean summer nights. With a strong floral top notes of ylang ylang and jasmine, calming to a the creamy tones of amyris and tonka bean. Finally settling to the soft delicate scents of reminiscent of exotic summer mornings, the ones where you haven't slept all night because you were intoxicated by the moonlight and too busy making memories. 

I am not usually a fan of floral fragrances, but this one has me hooked.



A Different Drummer

This perfectly crafted unisex fragrance opens with peppery top notes that fade gently to reveal the warm scents of amber and cedarwood, finally exposing the soft tones of Sandalwood and amyris. Imagine sitting by a log fire, drinking red wine and wrapping up warm with your loved one... that's what this sensual blend reminds me of. 

castles in the air

Despite the summery floral notes of ylang ylang and lavender that fill the room with the first spritz of this fine fragrance. It's the   warming citrusy mid and base tones of bergamot and lime that really shine though with this one. Perfect for the long winter months to uplift any mood on those dull and dreary day dark days.

It quite literally warms your soul and lifts you up so you can reach those castles in the sky.


Two Eternities

Two Eternities takes me back to my childhood. It's a sweet, intense fragrance made with some of the darlings of perfumery's essential oils. A garland of forest flowers if you will. Rambling wild roses, jasmine and iris stand proud at the entrance to the garden , that finally open up into a citrus dell of  fresh  of bergamot and sweet orange.

THE Solid Earth

The Solid Earth opens with a strong, grounding top note of patchouli. Soon subsiding and revealing the inspiring aromas of vetiver. Followed closely by some citrusy petitigrain freshness. To finish, expect some creamy amyris.

 We are reminded that slow and steady wins the race.