Product review : Jalue Ice Therapy

issue two : from the water's depth

I'm all about rituals. Sacred moments of routine, is how I like to think about them. My morning rituals are centred around coffee and quiet (as in it's too early to have to be dealing with calls, emails and txt's). Until I discovered Jalue Ice Therapy that is! So now, instead of checking my various Instagram feeds while I wait for my coffee to percolate, I now ice my face. I like to think they calming smell of the herbs is a perfect way to mentally prepare myself for the day.

 I mean, who doesn't want to leave the house with firm, tighter more radiant skin - just in the time it takes wake make your morning cup of coffee? Is that not multi-tasking at its most efficient?

As you probably know, ice is used to reduce swelling of aching muscles or applied to reduce bruising and puffiness after a bump. Ice therapy is a simple take on this practice. Harnessing the calming, healing benefits of herbs infused in water and frozen into ice blocks (or in this instance a handy, ergonomic popsicle.) The practice dates back to Catherine the Great of Russia and the late 1700's, who iced her face, neck and décolletage to "freeze" the ageing process.

So while the great heat wave of  2017 is now behind us (and trust me when I say that this bad boy came in really handy) this easy mini facial will be a skin savour for months to come! 

Our exclusive beauty editorial, "Summer Stripes" was inspired by this wonderful little powerhouse of a product. Just another form that our sacred water takes on and therefore imperative to this issue's theme: From the Water's Depth. 


Herbs: chamomile, sage, nettle, rose and oak bark.