Brand Review : Stop The Water While Using Me

issue two : from the water's depth

Save water, it makes rainbows

Stop the Water While Using Me! is a flawless example of an untainted brand. An effective product with a passionate yet practical approach to making simple changes. Those small changes can have a hugely positive impact. The instructions on how to use their products are crystal clear and printed slap-bang on the front of the bottle. 

Ellen DeGeneres once did a sketch about shampoo. More over, about the instructions on a shampoo bottle (and the 1-800 number help line). She made some very valid, if not entertaining, points... Stop the Water are making some very valid and important points too. We, as consumers, have become disconnected with how we consume (let me not be coy here...we WASTE) precious resources such as water.

If you have yet to witness the genius of this sketch, let me enlighten you...

Just a little snippet from the brilliant Ellen DeGeneres's stand up show; "The Beginning"

In a nutshell, they aim is to get people to save water without even thinking about it. Wonderful, invaluable, precious water that far to many of us take for granted. They aren't merely paying lip service with a catchy brand name and clever placement on their products, they are actually doing something. They providing funding (raised from a portion of their profits off limited edition products) to their Good Water Projects initiatives and educate communities and consumers about the importance of water concervation. 


This year, STW are donating 10% of the profits from their limited edition All Natural Honey Soap to A Water Kiosk Project.

The project provides clean drinking water to the 5000 residents of Andoharanofotsy, a small town close to Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar. 

CSR vs Sustainability

Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR  is not a new concept.  Sadly, in my opinion, too many businesses misuse the good intentions of such schemes. It becomes more of a tax relief and/or marketing slogan.

Lots of cosmetic and personal care companies are donating large amounts money to their chosen charities.  This money is usually raised from the sale of a specific product or line.  What sets Stop the Water While Using Me! apart, and makes them a truly sustainable brand is that they have also eliminated the unnecessary toxic ingredients used in so many other product lines. The kind of ingredients and manufacturing practices that not only carry health implications for us, but contribute significantly to water, land and air pollution. So while we can give these big corporations a slap on the back for handing over some chump change, it does not mean they should wash their hands of the additional responsibilities of creating a range of products that consider more than just the "bottom line". 

Want to learn more about this alarmingly common practice? Click here. More importantly, if you want to see how one company is making impactful change...

Watch their story now!

and see how simple it is to save water...