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How To Sleep Like A Koala

Issue 8 - Animal Instincts - explores the similarities we share with animals. Sleeping happens to be one of these common denominators with us and non-human animals. In this feature article we explore the science of sleep, how much sleep is required and the importance of sleep for our beauty regime so we too, can wake up looking as cute as a koala.

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5 Gluttonous Things You Can Do For Yourself to Find A Little Calm

The new year has gotten off the ground and already seems to be running away with me. As part of my ongoing life resolutions, finding a balance between my functioning-multitasking-state and my need to recharge, taking time for myself is something that is paramount for the balancing act of life. Here are my top five favourite past-times when I am needing to be a little more gluttonous with my time.

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