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Issue Twelve : All Things Bright & Beautiful

Bright minds, beautiful ideas.

Three green ornate hair combs made from Shell Homage material.
Perfect Unibrow
Skin Alchemists Artisanal Soap
Discover Skin Alchemists beautiful brightening hand-poured bar soap, and learn about the Chances Program, bringing a little glimmer of hope and wellbeing during challenging times. Read More

Editor's Note

Despite my very best efforts for issue eleven, it was not exactly awash with the colour I had anticipated. Shooting beauty editorials during a global pandemic and a country in lockdown was naturally, not feasible - and promoting the selling of "stuff" while people suffered - physically, emotionally and financially - felt disingenuous and goes against everything UNTAINTED stands for. Not to mention, our temporary way of surviving, sucked the creativity and tenacity to maintain this passion project right out of me.

Issue twelve's theme, All Things Bright and Beautiful, was borne somewhat out necessity, but more importantly upon deep reflection. Reflection on the things that inherently matter to me and the things that truly inspire me; bright minds, innovation, human stories and letting go of perfection without losing sight of beauty. I wanted this theme the celebrate the brilliant, innovative minds and ideas that have sprung the resilient nature of humanity. I wanted to offer a virtual surface to explore beauty in all its forms.

Do not lose hope, please believe that there are a thousand beautiful things waiting for you. Sunshine comes to all who feel rain.

R.M Drake


Ideas, Information & Exploration

During our hiatus from producing content for Untainted, our editor and beauty curator, Khandiz, took some time to reflect on own mental health and wellbeing and share her top three tactile ways to cope with the new world order. Read More


Beauty Inspiration

The power of affirmations can have a glowing effect on more than just how you see your own reflection, they positively impact your mental wellbeing too. Discover our favourite skin, hair and body care products for glowing skin. Read More

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Ffern Sustainable Fragrance
Sustainable fragrance brand Ffern gets some love for their iconoclastic approach to business, while also delivering a wonderfully iconic, natural perfume. Read More
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not contaminated, polluted, or tainted: the paper was untainted by age.

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