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folklore & fairytales

A Beautiful Adventure Into The Stories That Have Shaped Us



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We are co-hosting our very first event with The  Lissome and Amazingy. So, should you happen to find yourself in Berlin on 27th September, join us for an evening of conversation about ideas and ideals of beauty and sustainability. 

The word sustainable seems to be on everyone’s lips; from fashion to business and everything in between, but what about beauty? What is sustainable beauty and why does it matter?

What is the current state of beauty in society? What are the implications of our beauty habits? Can switching to clean beauty make a significant impact on the sustainability of our health and the environment, while still meeting our expectations? What does the future of beauty look like?

The ticket price includes snacks, drinks, a gift and 15% discount for purchase through Amazingy. You will also have the opportunity to try new products, ask your burning beauty questions and meet professionals and entrepreneurs who have successfully managed to clean up their beauty act.


"Fairy tales are more than true; not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us dragons can be beaten."

- G.K Chesterton



Fairytales and other folklore have been a part of life for centuries. They are the stories that have shaped us, whether we realise it or not. 

While many of these tales have led us to believe that in order to be happy and fulfilled, we need to find a prince and be able to live happily ever after - which, I think is somewhat of a dated ideal for our modern world. Let's face it, life isn't a fairytale. It's hard, heartbreaking, challenging and filled with unknown twists and turns. Sometimes though, there are happy endings. If we work hard and stay focused, we even achieve our goals! Oh, wait a minute, life is starting to sound like a bit of a fairytale after all...

I don't know about you, but it's the lessons in between the "Once Upon A Time" and the anticipated outcomes that fascinates me. The hidden narratives and repetitive archetypes that are there to teach us, from childhood, the ways of the world and warn us about the reality of the 'big bad wolf' and 'the wicked witch' in their human reincarnations. 

This issue will explore fables, folklore, and fairytales from around the world. It will investigate the paradigms and study the characters. Of course, this theme provides me with a visual stimulus to draw ideas from and inspire some, hopefully, engaging beauty editorials, but also delve into the lessons from our ancestors and encourage you to share your stories. It is in sharing our own portrayal of life, that we are able to find a common ground with others. Your life lessons and wisdoms are important for the generations to come. I think it's easy to forget that.

So join me as I skip along through the woods of life and peer into candy-houses and magic mirrors. While I befriend dragons and find happiness in the simple things.

K x

Follow us into the woods...