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She’ll Put A Spell on You

Amanda Fordyce
Steven Townsend
Khandiz Joni
Alesya Kafelnikova

issue four : the magician

Moving to the smokey sound of Nina Simone’s voice and the words of Screamin’ Jay Hawkins. Makeup artist, Khandiz, uses Twelve Beauty for all skin prep and RMS Beauty UnCover Up 33.

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I put a spell on you
‘Cause you’re mine

You better stop the things you do
I ain’t lyin’
No I ain’t lyin’

You know I can’t stand it
You’re runnin’ around
You know better daddy
I can’t stand it cause you put me down
Yeah, Yeah

I put a spell on you
Because you’re mine
You’re mine

I love ya

I love you

I love you

I love you anyhow
And I don’t care
If you don’t want me
I’m yours right now

You hear me
I put a spell on you
Because you’re mine…

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not contaminated, polluted, or tainted: the paper was untainted by age.

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