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War paint for a changing world.

Kass Bruni
Sjaniël Turrell
Violet Gould @ The Hive

issue six : the shape of things to come

The future will either be green, or not at all

Bob Brown

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Sjaniël Turrell used  Twelve Beauty Ideal Moisture Level Serum + Ideal Bio-Technological Moisturiser to prep the skin and Less is More Organic Hair products, throughout.

ARTICLE: Read Sjaniël’s insights into the future of the cosmetics industry. 

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untainted |ˌənˈtān(t)əd| adjective
not contaminated, polluted, or tainted: the paper was untainted by age.

UNTAINTED is a directional beauty platform, pushing the boundaries of clean, sustainable beauty. We are inspired and motivated by the Japanese philosophy of Wabi-sabi.

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