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An Ode To An Icon

A skincare routine

Photography, Beauty & Styling
Khandiz Joni
Stella Talpo
Oculus Speculum by Meagan Meredith

issue ten : the icons & iconoclasts

Skin ‘types‘ are only partial truths. Like us, our skin changes. It evolves…and sometimes, devolves – depending on many underlying factors. Like nature, it has a cycle. Pay attention to its rhythm and treat it with kindness.

Nothing is absolute. Everything changes, everything moves, everything revolves, everything flies and goes away.

Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo has been a constant source of inspiration to me since a young age. Much like she has been to most people reading this, I am sure. In 2012, I took a trip of a lifetime to Mexico with my best friend. We visited Frida’s home. It was a none negotiable for both of us.

To this day that experience still humbles me. It was in her studio, however, that I felt her unwavering spirit and energy the most. Perhaps because it was in there that I saw my own dreams of having a space filled with light and life in which I too, could paint and create.

It turns out that I have such a space. It may not be a dedicated studio, but my living room (with my beloved green wall) has served me well over the years. It’s where I think, and write and paint and photograph. It’s where – despite my complaints about lack of space and storage – I have realised many of dreams. Frida also serves as a reminder that we all have to accept our obstacles to overcome them.

This editorial, featuring my beautiful friend with the voice of an angel, Stella Talpo, is an ode to Frida…and a showcase of iconic skincare for troublesome skin.

Featured Products

Tropic’s Smoothing Cleanser


All jewellery by South African jeweller, Meagan Meredith, with the exception of the jewellery in the Protect image – which was Stella’s own.

Shoot Impact Report

  • Shot with available light against an existing backdrop
  • 1 person used public transport to reach the location
  • Catering was prepared at home
  • No single-use consumables were used
  • Only one product was called in from a London-based PR company
  • All styling from our own wardrobes
  • Headpiece made from upcycled beauty packaging
  • Cast/Crew from two nationalities

In Focus

  • SDG 3 – Good Health & Wellbeing
  • SDG 5 – Gender Equality
  • SDG 12 – Responsible Consumption & Production

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