Beach Bodies : Owning the Skin You're In

issue two : from the water's depth

Heading to the beaches this summer? Still not feeling body confident?

I hate to break it to you...but we need to take responsibility for our self-beliefs and not blame our body image issues on models in glossy magazines. While I accept that being inundated with visual information and unattainable (for your body type) beauty ideals on social media doesn't help, just remember, you still have the choice in what you look at. 

So on that note, take a page out of Deborah Barak's photo series and get body confident. 

The Beach Bodies series came into being in 2014 on a two week holiday to Rio de Janeiro. I was expecting the stuff of magazines - toned soccer bodies and bronzed bums in teeny bikinis and indeed there was much of that.

But what struck me most in Rio was how women of every conceivable shape and size seemed to feel so at home in their bodies.

They owned the beach, in two piece swimsuits and thong bikinis, bums bared in the Brazilian sunshine without shame or self consciousness. Taught bellies and soft, cushy ones. Everyone walked, swam, flaunted, stretched out. They owned the right to be on a beach in their very own skin.

It inspired me to document this sense of comfort and ownership. I’ve continued to build the series in other countries, on other beaches, whenever I see a body (male or female) so at home in itself, enjoying the sunshine.

My second day in Rio I bought a purple thong bikini from a beach vendor and joined the masses. My white behind at first screamed “tourist” for all the world to see, but by the time I left I had the tanned cheeks of a true “Carioca” and a new found sense of freedom to go with along with them. "

Still feel you need a little help before you're ready to saunter down the sand into the water's depth?

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