issue three : fear thy neighbour

We explore the "veil" in its various incarnations, in this exclusive beauty editorial.


Culture is a symbolic veil with which we hide our animal nature from ourselves … and other
— Mokokoma Mokhonoana
behind the.png

Are age, race, and culture just veils through which we see people?

And if we could turn each other inside out and see each other as we would want to be revealed; what would be revealed?



It comes in waves, and we do what ever we can to hold on.


Choice or chastity.


Veils may be a religious requirement for some, but many choose to wear them in honour of their beliefs.


How can you revere one type of veil and hold another in contempt?

I choose to wear my headscarf because
it reminds me of who I am and what my
values are. I am proud to be Muslim.
— Hira Kureshi

My face is my identity. No one will cover it.
I’m proud of my face.
If my face bothers you, don’t look. Turn your own face away, take your eyes off me.
— Manal al-Sharif


We cover ourselves in order to reveal ourselves.


As we walk away from the life we knew, towards the life we are yet to discover.


We are revealed to our lovers.



Self imposed.

We hide behind our hair, the colours of our cosmetics and even our clothes; for we fear the world might not be ready for us.


In truth, we only do this when we are not ready for ourselves.

Beneath the makeup and behind the smile, I’m just a girl who wishes for the world.
— Marilyn Monroe


Is makeup something you use to enhance with or hide behind?



Photography: Gabrielle Menezes

Beauty: Khandiz Joni at Novel Beings.

Words by Gabrielle Menezes and Khandiz Joni

Wedding Veils and Lingerie by Hermoine De Paula

Models: Jenny Meister @ MOT Models / Aliya @ Au Naturaliya / Yulia Dan / Amina Fisher @ Leni's Models