Global Beauty Roundup : Colour Cosmetics

issue three : fear thy neighbour

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We've been researching, testing and scrutinising products to bring you a roundup of the very best untainted colour cosmetics from around the globe. Considering this issue is about celebrating different cultures, we thought it an opportune time to showcase brands that celebrate their own heritage.


What makes the cut?

The products need to be of a professional quality (i.e. can be used in any pro-makeup artist's kit) and could replace a conventional cosmetic product (swap-outs) and the majority of their products need to be manufactured locally. (We have also only included products that are available in the U.K and Europe.)

So here we go, in alphabetical order to avoid any favouritism.




RMS Beauty //

multi-use products [US]

RMS Beauty was started by veteran makeup artist, Rose-Marie Swift, in response to health implications with a direct link to ingredients found in conventional beauty products. The products offer modern textures and finishes, in simple, practical colours.


Why we love them:

Each little pot has been designed to be used on its own or to mix together to create an entirely unique range of colours. They are also all multi-use products. A "foundation" works as a concealer. A lip tint works as an eye colour, etc, etc. Their highlighters are the gold standard.


Would you like the chance to meet Rose-Marie Swift? She will be at Content's London Store on 14 October from 10am - 1pm offering tips and advice on the best products for you.



W3ll people //

Best tinted moisturiser [US]

Founded by a group of people with varying skill sets - a makeup artist, a cosmetic dermatologist and tree-hugging entrepreneur - this brand brings a modern approach to colour cosmetics and are experts in the "no-makeup" makeup arena. 


Why we love them:

W3ll People's oh so clever little tube of Bio Tint Multi-Action Moisturiser is a game changer. They have managed to perfect a zinc-based formulation that doesn't leave you chalky but offers full spectrum SPF as well as imparting the perfect amount of coverage and glow to the skin. 


vapour //

Best liquid foundation [US]

Vapour Organic Beauty runs from its founding home, in the Tao Mountains of New Mexico. The landscape provides an ongoing source of inspiration to the makers of this cult brand.


Why we love them:

When you want to "glow from within" with the flawless look of pre-pubescent skin, this is the go-to foundation. They offer a range of colours to suit every skin tone. Makeup artist, Lou Dartford, and NewGen Beauty Influencer of 2017 (Green Beauty) swears by their Stratus Soft Focus Skin Perfector.



HYNT Beauty //

Best Concealer & Eyeshadow [US]

Like so many untainted brands, Hynt Beauty was started in response to growing health concerns. They offer an ever-expanding range of easy to wear colours and textures.


Why we love them:

These little pots, which can appear a little unassuming amongst the glossy packaging of mainstream cosmetic brands, in fact, offers serious colour pay off and staying power. Their concealer a firm favourite of Green Beauty Team founder, Kristen Arnett. Hynt's matte blush is also worth a mention.



inika //

Best foundation & pressd powder [AUS]

Founded in 2006 in Sydney, Inkia has gone on to be a globally recognised brand. Pioneers in result driven products, that took mineral makeup to the next level.


Why we love them:

Their liquid foundations contain Hyaluronic Acid that helps to plump up the skin with naturally occurring moisture, making skin appear more youthful, with long-lasting coverage. Makeup Artist, Sjaniel Turrell loves their Baked Mineral Foundation because it offers light, but buildable coverage for camera-ready skin.


ere perez //

Best lip & Cheek stains [AUS]

This eponymous cosmetics brand was founded by Mexican-born Ere Perezin her new found home of Australia. While the company is 100% Australian owned, some of their products are still produced in Mexico, which provided the inspiration for the brand. They provide untainted cosmetics that suit every skin type and use high concentrations of natural dyes and pigments such as beetroot and carrot.


Why we love them:

If you were ever in any doubt about the staying power of natural cosmetics, this brand shatters that notionThese babies really do stain the skin and a little goes a long way. Their Beautiful Beetroot Cheek and Lip Tint is an easy swap out for Benefits cult product, BeneTint. We have it on good authority that makeup artist, Crystabel Riley is a huge advocate of this brand.


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AiNSEL Ldn //

Best lipstick [UK]

Launched this summer. AiNSEL honours its roots and the women that wear their lipsticks. Championing individuality, women and fashion. The lipsticks are hand poured in small batches in their London lab.


Why we love them:

The lipsticks are matte a.f. but don't dry lips out. Sorry, Ruby Woo..but you've just got the boot! The colour payoff is impeccable. The brand is modern, fun and flirtatious and they offer a range of colours that suit every personality - irrespective or race, creed or religion.



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You can read more about the brand by clicking HERE.


Lily lolo // best BB Cream & pressed eyeshadow [UK]

Hailed as the original British Mineral Beauty Brand. Lily Lolo was founded over twelve years ago, long before untainted cosmetics were on the mainstream radar. They have knuckled down and grown with the times. They are passionate about empowering women through wearing makeup. Most of their products are made in the UK (ones that aren't are made in Europe).


why we love them:

Well, first and foremost, they are affordable and they don't falter on quality.  Their formulations consider in various skin types and conditions. See makeup artist, Lauren Kay, is a big fan of Lily Lilo.

Want to learn more about the limitations of untainted foundations for darker skinned women? Check out articles on the matter HERE.


phb ethical beauty // best mascara & loose mineral foundation [UK]

An award winning, family run cosmetic company. PHB Ethical Beauty is the world's largest range of Natural, Vegan, Cruelty Free & Halal Certified beauty products. Most of their products are made in the UK (one's that aren't are made in Europe).


why we love them:

There is currently no such thing as natural/organic waterproof mascara, but this mascara is the closest we have come to it. Gorgeous, glossy black lashes, that doesn't break the bank. We also love their loose mineral foundation (not something you will hear us say very often) because it is formulated does not have too much mica in it. It works a treat over a light foundation to set it in place for the day. Ideal for long days in front of the camera. We love their little sample size version, ideal for touch-ups and light to carry around. They also offer a comprehensive colour range.

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bite Beauty //

Best lip lipsticks & balm [ca]

The original "good enough to eat" lipstick. As is so often the case, the brand was born out of a gap in the market and brand founder's - Susanne Langmuir - interest in kitchen chemistry. Bite Beauty hand pours all it's lipsticks in its Toronto lab.


Why we love them:

High fashion colours, various textures and so good you want to eat them. And you can. Their packaging is also on point...or flat, or double pointed. Basically, in all the ways women wear down their lipsticks. Their Agave Lip balm and lip scrub are also heaven sent! A key item in any pro-kit or lipstick wearer's handbag.



Absolution //

Best Lipsticks [FR]


Launched in 2009, Absolution is the brain-child of Isabelle Carron. The brand is committed to environmentally conscious packaging, sustainable development and daily work reduce its production impact. Their packaging and products are pretty damn chic too.


why we love them:

The perfect reds. They were the first untainted brand to master the art of matte lipstick to rival their mainstream counterparts. Their semi-matte offering is pretty sweet too. The perfectly juicy, coloured lips. We're pretty obsessed with their skincare too.


Avril //

Best mascara [FR]


This tré chic French brand launched in 2012, with 4 main objectives: quality, ecology, price and service. They deliver on all counts.


why we love them:

The quest for a glossy, rich black mascara in the realm of untainted cosmetics was a long and arduous one...until we found Avril Mascara Noir. The formula is buildable one that doesn't crumble or bleed. It also helps that it only costs 7 Euro, which makes replacing your mascara regularly a much more affordable option.


Zao // BEST foundations & bright colours [fr] 

While the name comes from the combined principals of Zen Buddhism and Taoism and their mutual respect for nature and the brand draws a lot of inspiration from the east (Zao is synonymous with its bamboo packaging and it's use of bamboo silica as a key ingredient. It was the first brand to connect its ingredients to its packaging.) it is still has that French "je ne se qua".


why we love them:

Really, we love their entire range, but we wanted to highlight the brand's foundation offering which includes liquids, loose and pressed mineral foundation and cream foundation that caters to all skin tones. Zao also has some of the best high fashion colours from matte eyeshadows to silver and electric blue liquid liners.


Couleur caramel //

Best compact foundation & liquid Liner [FR]


A French brand, through and through. From its unfussy, minimalist packaging to its ready-to-wear colours. An extensive range to suit all your beauty requirements wether you're male or female. They have a dedicated men's range.


why we love them:

The Couleur Caramel Compact Foundation's creamy texture and stick applicator is an easy replacement to Bobby Brown's revolutionary Stick Foundations. Fits snuggly into a handbag or kit bag for quick and easy touchups. They have also mastered the blackest liquid liner we can find. The fine brush means the perfect application, from super fine to Amy Winehouse over the top cat eyes. 



hiro cosmetics //

foundation & concealers [Ger]

Founded in 2011 with the co-operation of makeup artists wanting to work with cleaner products. This German brand draws it's inspiration from the Japanese word hiro; 寛 (hiro) “tolerant, generous” or 浩 (hiro) “prosperous”


Why we love them:

Their liquid foundation is a high-tech colour adapting formula with a natural matte finish, which is practical for work, play and selfies (a.k.a in front of a camera). The range consists of nine colours that nourishes the skin while it's being worn. We also love that colours are named after famous flappers from the 1920's! Their Space Balm Concealers and Correctors are worth their weight in gold and deserve cult status. 


und gretel//

Pressed eye shadows [ger]

Berlin based makeup artist, Christina Roth teamed up with brand professional Stephanie Dettmann with one simple goal: to create the most beautiful colours and luxe formulas using the purest and finest ingredients nature has to offer. After several of years in development, Und Gretel launched with an uncompromising offering. 


Why we love them:

These not so little eyeshadow rounds offer colour payoff dreams are made of. Vivid and intense. You may also not need another eyeshadow for the rest of your life. Ideal if you want to cover the entire top half of your body in eyeshadow. 


New Zealand

living nature //

foundations & Eyeliner [NZ]

Founded in 1987 by Suzanne Hall, who was inspired by the healing properties of New Zealand native plants to remedy her own skin conditions. Living Nature is New Zealand's original, certified natural skincare company. Most of their cosmetics are made at their purpose-built Kerikeri facility in the Bay of Islands, NZ. From there, they are able to control every step of product development, formulation, testing, and filling. 


Why we love them:

Their foundation, although a sparse on colour variety, does provide the perfect amount of coverage for everyday wear and it's buildable if you wanted a little more coverage. Their illuminating foundation offers a gorgeous, modern finish, ideal for winter months. Living Nature's black eyeliner pencil has become a kit staple for its easy, smooth application with an intense black finish.